As part of our commitment to our Retail Customers and to recognise the important role we play in supporting businesses in our region, we need to provide a great service to our Retail and End-User Customers. A key part of this is ensuring we perform to the highest standard and in line with the non-household Market Arrangements Codes. On this basis we publish our overall performance to ensure transparency and openness to interested stakeholders.


Within the Market Codes, CSD 002 Market Performance Framework outlines the performance measures and service levels required by wholesale and retail trading parties. These are the Operational Performance Standards (OPS) which involve the provision of wholesale services to retailers and Market Performance Standards (MPS) which are measures associated to our service levels in keeping the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) updated with timely wholesale data.


Our performance is outlined in the graphs below.


Market Performance Standards




Operational Performance Standards






To support our performance, we recognise the need to continually improve and further develop our service offering in order to meet changing demands of our Retail Customers and the Market Codes. With this in mind, we operate a Continuous Improvement Programme which is designed to ensure that we evolve our service proposition in line with growing expectations. Our programme is shaped by our Retail Customers ensuring that we prioritise areas that are of most importance ensuring that we have a collaborate approach to improvement.

Continuous Improvement

Below you will find information on our release schedule, what we have planned in the future and what has already been delivered.