Future improvements

The Continuous Improvemnt Cycle is part funded using the redistributed Market Performance Charges


Cycle 3 Overview



  • Consolidated Invoicing to provide standardised and consistent billing for all our Retailer Customers.
  • Updated 70k UPRN data into CMOS to help validate premise address data.
  • Improved visibility In CMOS of loggers on NHH Meters.
  • Added additional quality controls for adding premises to the NHH Market.
  • Water Efficiency awareness provided to Retailers with a leaflet created for Retailers to use to work with the NHH Customers.


To be continued

  • Upgrade Metering rollout

1. Installation of upgraded meters has started with regular plan shared with Retailers

2. Requirements of sharing smart data has been finalised ready for delivery in Cycle 4

  • Third party exercise to help provide leads for Retailers where premises may be occupied

1. Desktop review has been completed

2. Telephone calls delayed due to COVID-19, which will commence in Cycle 4


In addition

  • Provided a centralised data repository for all Retailers using Share Point (Retailer Hub)

Cycle 4

Cycle 4 Data Improvements