Future improvements

The Continuous Improvemnt Cycle is part funded using the redistributed Market Performance Charges


Cycle 5 Overview



  • Retailer Tailored Engagement

    • All retailers now have a dedicated contact in WSC who is on hand to answer queries, support with projects and provide regular service desk reviews to ensure we have all basis covered and there's an additional layer of support available for our retailers. 


  • Build a Bundle, which programme to capture a tailored service offering
    • Service Bundles are now in place for our retailers these are bespoke packages built for each retailer that Account Managers have worked alongside retailers to create. The bundles are the foundations of how we work together and are shared with the wider WSC so that they know what our retailers want to. 


  • Exploring enhancements to Non-Primary Charges billing
    • We now provide Retailers the option of monthly or quarterly invoices to cover their Non-Primary Charges billing and this has been updated in our invoice timetable and published on our website.

  • Improvement continues with the matching of UPRN by engaging a third party to progress
    • Improved coverage of UPRN to 80%, providing assurance of property data and providing link to third party dataset.


  • Third party exercise to help provide leads for Retailers where premises may be occupied
    • 7.5k records reviewed by third party with 30% returning details of occupation. Provided validation of property data and enabled Retailers to update occupancy details



To be continued

  • Upgrade of the Case Comments for service requests - Additional training has been implemented in the WSC, in conjunction with the feedback provided in the service desk reviews as seen an improvement of 0.09 in our latest RMEX results, however it is recognised further service measures are required which will continue into Cycle 6

  • Exploring the feasibility of introducing alternative billing arrangements and payment methods e.g. Direct Debit - We have agreed a Direct Debit platform solution with our banking service provider, and this is now being fully developed so we expect to complete testing and implementation by end of August.

Cycle 6

Cycle 6

Cycle 6 Data Improvements

Since the market opened, we have already identified and delivered a number of significant improvements which provide benefits to our Retail customers and in turn the end user customers. Details of these can be found here