Future improvements

The Continuous Improvemnt Cycle is part funded using the redistributed Market Performance Charges


Cycle 4 Overview



  • Upgraded Meters

    • Installed 6500 upgraded Meters

    • Provision of AMI Smart Meter Data via API

    • Provision of AMI Smart Meter Data via SFTP


  • Data
    • Third party exercise and reviewed 4,000 accounts and a 39% confirmed occupier details to help provide leads for Retailers 


  • Retailers
    • Improvement continues with the matching of UPRN

    • Dashboard to provide visibility of key market data sets, updated to share our focus areas


On hold

  • Additional operational meter reads to Retailers - We have reviewed the opportunity to provide additional operational meter reads. However this is dependent on internal programmes being delivered to enable the data and technology to be available.  We will continue to review this and include in a future cycle where appropriate. 


To be continued

  • Upgrade of the Case Comments for service requests - After reviewing the Case Comments Quality and the RMEX feedback we have recently changed our processes to add an additional quality check by our Advisor Team. This will result in improved quality first time resolution, which you will see soon.

  • Retailer tailored engagement - Along with the dedicated Account Manager there will be an additional named contact who will be able to provide bespoke services such as service desk reviews. The programme continues and will be complete by Dec 2021. For further information please contact your Account manager.

  • Upgraded Meters 

    • Third party exercise to be continued to help provide leads to Retailers where premises may be occupied. Telephone calls are due to commence

    • Dashboard to provide visibility of key market data sets, updated to share our focus areas

Cycle 5

Cycle 5

Cycle 5 Data Improvements

Since the market opened, we have already identified and delivered a number of significant improvements which provide benefits to our Retail customers and in turn the end user customers. Details of these can be found here