Save Water (Smart Meter Upgrades)

Our region is a beautiful and busy one, and we're proud to supply safe drinking water to 4.3 million of you. But our precious water resource is being squeezed from all angles - due to a growing population, ever-increasing demand and the lowest rainfall in the country.


And when something is precious to you, you do everything you can to protect it. That’s why we’re tirelessly looking for better ways to save water. We may be the best leak-finders in the business, but we’re still investing £22 million every single year to stop water going to waste. On top of this we’re continually improving our network of pipes. It’s all part of our Water Resources plan, which you can read here.

Why are we installing upgraded meters?


Anglian Water starts to run out over the next 25 years if we do nothing


Today Anglian Water has a surplus of 144 MLD (Megalitres / Million litres per day on a total demand that peaks at about 1400MLD)​

With Increases in population and Climate Change, by 2045 our experts predict that Anglian Water will have a deficit of 146MLD if we do nothing​. In other words 1 in 10 of our customers could be without water on a hot sunny day​.

Smart Metering is part of an integrated package with Leakage and Water Efficiency designed to deliver 129MLD of water savings by 2045




Meter Upgrade Programme

Key to our water efficiency and demand management