Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is an approach in which we identify, implement and support changes to our wholesale service to make it easier for our Retail Customers to do business with us. Through continuous improvement we aim to deliver a high quality and timely service which will help us strive to lead Anglian Water Wholesale to becoming the UK’s leading Water and Water Recycling Wholesaler. 


As the Market evolves and MOSL deliver fixes and improvements through their release programme we will continue to work to ensure our systems and processes are updated accordingly in line with their timescales. In addition to the MOSL release programme we have established our own formal Continuous Improvement Programme. This allows us to focus directly on the service our Retail Customers receive. 


Our Approach


Our Continuous Improvement Programme includes 2 improvement cycles per financial year which will bring benefits to our Retail Customers and their end users. Each cycle includes at least 1 major and 2 minor improvements which may be related to systems/process/policy or a combination of each. The improvements in each cycle are published in advance and we aim to have it available through our website and through Retailer Customer account management engagement sessions. These sessions will offer an opportunity to inform our programme of work, ensuring we focus on the right things for our customers using the resources available.

Continuous improvement timetable: