Upstream competition

Upstream Competition


“Water 2020” and “Valuing Water – How upstream markets could deliver for consumers and the environment” demonstrate Ofwat’s commitment to create new markets within the Water Industry.


Ofwat believes that new markets can benefit the current water sector by:

  • Responding swiftly and flexibly to changing demands and pressures;
  • Revealing information which allows for better planning to meet long-term trends and short term shocks
  • Creating diversity in the supply of services, reducing the risk of single points of failure;
  • Incentivising the sustainable use of resources; and
  • Sharpening current Water Companies’ customer and business focus
    Encouraging innovation – in services, processes and technology

More details can be found in the two links below: 

Water 2020


Valuing Water – How upstream markets could deliver for consumers and the environment/


All enquiries in regards to Up Stream Competition should be directed to the Wholesale Service Centre. In line with Ofwat's guidance, upon first contact, we require a confidentiality agreement to be entered by both parties. Our standard confidentiality agreement is available on request from the Wholesale Service Centre. Our Network Access Code can be found below.

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