Our plan 2020-25

2019 Price Review - Our Plan

The opening of the non-household retail market has created a new type of customer for us as a wholesaler – retailers. We were keen to ensure that we took retailers’ views into account when we developed our future business plans. We are grateful for the consideration and input from our retailers and their non-household customers in helping us shape our future plans. In line with Ofwat's Guidance we have published our plan. Our 2020-2025 Plan can be found below with links to the various tables here 

As part of our commitment to providing industry leading Customer Service to all our Retail customers we have developed a bespoke financial performance commitment. It forms part of our Outcome Delivery Incentive (ODI) top level performance commitments that have been proposed as part of our business plan for 2020-2025. We developed this incentive in line with the current Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM), C-MeX and D-MeX principles. The incentive contains qualitative performance through Net Promoter Score (NPS) and quantitative performance through the market performance standards of Operational Performance Standards (OPS ) and Market Performance Standards (MPS). This is a commitment beyond what is required in the Market Code and we believe that it is important to continue to focus on our Retail customers and the services we provide to them and their customers. 


We now await approval from the Regulator. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss further please get in contact with your dedicated Wholesale Technical Account Manager.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Wholesale Service Centre on wsc@anglianwater.co.uk