At Anglian Water, our focus is on providing excellent clean water to the highest standard for all our customers. We also look after the used water returned to our network and ensure that it gets put back into the environment at the highest quality. We take pride in carrying out these duties.


As with any operational network, things can go wrong. When it does, we aim to respond quickly and get the problem sorted. If your end-user customer gets in contact about the taste, odour or appearance of their water, you must advise them to report it to our Operational Management Centre immediately on 03457 145 145. Our Operational Maintenance Centre is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Sensitive Customers

Our Sensitive Customer Definition can be found in the link below. Where there is a sensitive customer we will have a Wholesale Operational Plan to be used in the case of an incident affecting the premises. A sensitive premises is flagged on our Retail Notification Service and a Retail friendly version of the plan is available on the Retail Portal. We appreciate that there are premises that fall outside our SEMD obligations and Retailers may wish for us to be aware of other important end-users that we can take into consideration when responding to events. As a result, we have created a Site Specific Arrangement (SSA) Lite. As a Wholesaler we may also wish to put in place a SSA Lite where there are strategic network users. Our SSA Lite Template can be found in the link below. For further information please get in contact with us.



If your customer is experiencing problems with their supply, it may be an issue that we're already aware of. You can find out by visiting our Retailer Notification Service which will provide you with up to date information that you may wish to provide to your end-user customer. Retailers can also follow events and get email updates. You may wish to advise your end-user customers to visit the 'In Your Area' page on our website to see details of all our current work.


If there are no events showing up on your Retailer Notification System contact us for assistance immediately on 03457 145 145.


Water Quality Enquiries

We work hard to make sure that your water is of the best quality and cleaned to the highest standard. All information on the quality of our water as well as tips on keeping water safe to drink can be found on our Water Quality pages 'Water Quality Information'. Retailers can use our postcode search tool to find out specific information about the drinking water quality at their end-user customers postcode.


Remember, if a customer contacts a Retailer about the taste, odour or appearance of their water, they must report it to our Operational Management Centre immediately on 03457 145 145.


Water supply and sewerage service emergency contact details

03457 145 145

Opening Hours
24 hours a day, 7 days a week