Meter Reading Service


Anglian Water Services has developed a meter reading service for all Retailers operating in our Water Supply areas. Our service offering is designed to meet the requirements of the Market and further details of the service and our full contractual terms are available on request by signing the Non Disclosure Agreement and returning it to the Wholesale Service Centre.



Optimisation Scheme Support


Anglian Water carries out network optimisation schemes which help ensure that our network operates at the most efficient level. From time to time, on complex end-user premises, AWS would like to engage the services of the appropriate Retailer to support our optimisation design work. This may include a request for information such as future demand or on-site specialist equipment. Retailers may "opt in" in advance of any approach by the Wholesaler. A optimisation contract can be provided on request. Parties will agree the level of support and standard payment through the completion of the project agreement schedule.