NHH Competition

Following the enactment of the Water Act 2014, the largest competitive Water Market in the world was opened on the 1st of April 2017. From this date, all eligible non-household customers such as businesses, charities and public sector customers are in a position to choose who they receive their water and wastewater retail services from. It is anticipated that this change will bring better services, prices and innovation to eligible non-household customers.


As a result of the introduction of the market, Anglian Water Services Limted divided into two separate companies. On market opening all eligible non-household customers transferred to the newly established Retail Arm. Retailers are responsible for end-user customers' bills, reading meters and answering customers' queries and complaints.


Anglian Water Services Limited continues to supply water through the same pipework and recycle used water. Anglian Water Services Limited is known as a Wholesaler and provides services to Water Supply and Sewerage Licensees known as Retailers. Anglian Water Services Limited remains responsible for the provision of safe and clean drinking water, water fitting regulations, network flooding associated to our sewers, trade effluent and recycling used water. More information is available, including details of eligibility and current licensed Retailers, on the Open Water website.


To enable sucessful competition in the Anglian Water Wholesale region, Anglian Water Services Limited created our Wholesale Services business unit. The Wholesale Services business unit is central to providing excellent and equivalent service to all Retailers operating in our region. This website is designed to provide all informaiton required to Retail customers wishing to operate in our region.


At this time, domestic end-user customers do not have the ability to switch. If you are domestic customer, please visit the household section of our website.


Further information is available from Ofwat and Open Water.